There is an INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANTS TIP to deal with political issues related to the BNI. The Board of Directors is made up of regular members (like yourself) from different chapters of the NIC. The objective of the Board of Directors is to ensure open communication between membership and the headquarters of the BNI. If you have a problem or concern that you would like to address by the Board of Directors, contact your BNI Regional Executive Director for more information. In a 40-participant NIC chapter, members exchange more than 120 recommendations. Currently in the Alberta South BNI, the average return for a BNI membership is close to . Then fill out the form at the bottom of the page and click "Send." Your acceptance of the agreement will be emailed to the Utah South BNI office. For any questions, please contact (435) 817-8122. Non-competition: As an LTM, you have access to confidential information from BNI. You expressly accept, directly or indirectly, for the duration of this agreement and for a period of one (1) year after the subsequent (i) termination of your participation in BNI (or (ii) directly or indirectly, because BNI and franchisees have legitimate business interests, or (ii) your violation of that agreement: (i) you will not engage in activities that would compete with BNI; (ii) to participate or assist in one way or another in a chapter, region, individual or group that breaks BNI; or (iii) to ask an employee, advisor, member or seller of BNI or franchisee to compete with the BNI or franchisee. This is, for the reasons of this, disclosure of confidential information (as defined below) or the ability to view or copy NAV methods, for reasons that are not limited to starting, supporting, hiring or providing services to competing organizations (i.e., a group of business networks that meets regularly and allows only one person per professional classification to participate). LTM recognizes that the membership list is also owned by BNI. After participating in BNI, except as provided in (ii) of this section, LTM may join any other network organization and assist other network groups that do not limit membership to a representative for each professional classification (as defined by the organization) and do not meet regularly.

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