If you don`t agree on the duration, the contract can offer you flexibility. However, they must keep in mind that this reduces the stability of the supply chain. 2.6 The notice period can only be extended at the end of the current reference period, within the agreed notice period. Subscription cancellations can be done in writing or by email. The termination relates to the end of the period for which the other party has already been paid and/or already charged, unless the other party expressly states that its termination must terminate the contract prematurely, as far as possible by law. In this case, the other party is entitled to a proportionate reduction in the subscription fees it must pay, net of any discounts granted by SCM within the time paid. 6.9 SCM is not liable for damage caused by third parties involved by SCM in the execution of the agreement with the awarding entity. 1.18 If, after reasonably providing SCM, an incorrect performance of SCM is impossible due to a case of force majeure, i.e. circumstances beyond its control, it has the right to terminate all or part of the contract or to temporarily suspend the performance of the contract without any obligation to pay damages. 6.7 Until the end of two months before the date (beginning) of the event, the client may terminate in writing the contract in which the client must charge the CMS the costs of hours already spent and the costs already incurred by SCM for the execution of the contract. In addition, the client reimburses all third-party expenses incurred by SCM for the purpose of the event, either directly to those third parties or to SCM, if SCM has committed these third parties on its own behalf.

Please provide detailed information on both parties. A properly drafted supply chain contract must provide all relevant information on all parties involved. 1.13 SCM is still entitled to demand a guarantee for payment or down payment before and after the conclusion of the contract, to suspend the performance of the contract until that guarantee has been established and/or to have received such a deposit from SCM. Sponsor: The party that entered into a sponsorship agreement with SCM for the event. 1.4 In entering into an agreement with Supply Chain Media, the other party waives the applicability of all the terms and conditions it uses, whatever they may be, so that all of our agreements are subject exclusively to the terms used by Supply Chain Media. 6.5 If SCM uses the services of third parties as part of the agreement, SCM will treat these third parties on behalf of the client`s expense and risk. The client frees SCM from third-party requests in this area. 1.15 Without due to damages, SCM may terminate all or part of its agreement with the other party with immediate effect, by letter recommended and without judicial intervention, in the case: Confirmation of order: The document describing and fixing the sponsorship contract.

This is the agreement in which SCM makes available to the participant a stand, advertising resources and/or services under certain conditions and for a limited time. 1.7 Quotes and/or statements from SCM regarding its products and/or services, such as circulation, format, frequency of publications, printing processes, size and type of address database, number of subscriptions or circulation, weights, size of each exit, etc. must be adopted in good conscience by SCM, but are not binding.

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