We can provide current and historical tax rates, comparison tables and country surveys through our specialized tax databases. We have current key summaries and detailed analysis of the tax system in countries around the world on corporate taxation, individual taxation, business and investment. Uruguay has double taxation agreements (TDDs) with the following countries (for more questions, see Other Issues in the Corporate Tax Summary: We have a collection of global double taxation conventions in English (and other languages, if available) to assist members in their applications. If you`re having trouble finding a contract, call the application team on (0)20 7920 8620 or email us at library@icaew.com. (a) Is taxation triggered regardless of whether or not the board member participates physically in board meetings in Uruguay? Is there foreign tax relief in Uruguay? For example, a foreign tax credit system (FTC), double taxation agreements, etc.? The Double Taxation Convention to avoid double taxation and prevent tax evasion, concluded between Portugal and Uruguay and signed in Estoril in November 2009, has just been published in the Official Journal of Portugal. No specific rules have been established with regard to stock options, but if they have been granted as part of a work compensation package, they are considered labour income and are subject to tax under the rules applicable to this category. In principle, the time for taxation would be the time to exercise the option. Do the Uruguayan tax authorities follow the economic approach of employers in interpreting Article 15 of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) treaty? If not, are the Uruguayan tax authorities consider taking this interpretation of the economic employer into account in the future? Is there a number of days of mini-mus2 before the local tax authorities apply the employer`s economic approach? If so, what is the number of days? How is a person defined as a resident for tax purposes? The abolition of double taxation in Portugal should be done in the following way: local tax authorities are entitled to request this type of information from the immigration authorities. Do immigration authorities in Uruguay tell local tax authorities when a person enters or leaves Uruguay? Are there tax-exempt income sectors in Uruguay? If so, please provide a general definition of these areas. With respect to the taxation of capital income, the agreement provides that capital gains from personal property (even if located in the other contracting state) of property that is part of the assets of a stable institution or fixed base that a company owns from another contracting state and who earned from the disposal of shares or a comparable interest rate directly or indirectly from real estate of the other State party may be taxed in that other State party. Look at tax rates, the latest tax information and information on double taxation agreements with our specialized online resources, guides and useful links.

Persons who have been taxed abroad on the passive income of non-resident companies can charge tax paid in the foreign jurisdiction to the IRPF (with a limit of 12%, which corresponds to the rate applicable in Uruguay for this type of income). Uruguay generally does not provide income tax credits (deductions are also, as noted above, very limited).

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