- Credit card valid to make online payment fee of $30 for renewal of the work permit The day I set to take him to the airport is the last day of his special passport, as I searched up and down and read what to do, since this maid is so experienced. She seems to know what can be done and the employer cannot do much. I am happy to have worked hard and to have terminated her permission so that the day she leaves will be the last day of the special passport. A few days before D Day, she came to me and asked for a transfer, I told her I had no problem, but I need a replacement first. Then, the same day, she told me that she could not wait and that she wanted to leave right away, asking me to send it to Batam. I didn`t tell her any problems and I asked her to take out her luggage, as I had already seen her pack the night before. She told me I couldn`t check, I didn`t tell her true, MOM told me I could check the objects that belonged to me. She told me she wanted to call the police, I told her to keep going, but I`m going to call. When the police arrived, they told the police that I had stolen her tablet.

The most ridiculous part is talking to her and the police all the time in Malay, a language I don`t understand and what the maid said, the police didn`t translate me apart from the part they accused me of stealing her tablet. She even asked the police to search my house, and the police did. I heard pieces and pieces like the Malay word for throwing, so I suspected she told the police that I had thrown her stuff away. I am not sure that this is a fair way for this police to deal with the maid`s charge. To settle it quickly, I voluntarily exclude myself to get it out of my place. The night she leaves, I received a call from the company that refuses to get on the plane. But as there are no cases, she had no choice but to do so the next day. Since then, I have made my statements as an arbitrator. She`s not serious about working here, it`s just to enjoy her life.

It does not object to many employers changing as long as there is only two changes a year. According to MOM, if the maid is not on board the aircraft, it is still the employer`s responsibility. For employers who face such a situation, don`t panic, just using the CISCO guard to escort the maids on board the plane that we have to pay for such a service. It`s recommended by MOM. You said it is very common, so for the maid who read this, do not think that you are not on board the plane means that you have the winning hand.

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